A sample of clients, both domestic and international.

FB International

Subcontracting work for confidential client for project management to qualify for DOD projects.

Ayse Celasun

Development of a Business plan.


Profitability analysis, consulting on business development activities. Ongoing assignment.

AD Laws Whiskey House

Provided materials/training for distillery operators/managers on Ensuring quality product, Scent/Flavor training for quality, Quality lab tests, Legal reporting requirements, Distillery operations, Cleaning, Spotting issues, Troubleshooting for prevention.


Ongoing mentorship to start-ups.

BT Lakeside Roofing

Evaluated business operations and provided strategic planning, cost mitigation and coaching. Ongoing assignment.

Bardstown Family Medical Center

Reviewed space usage and operations issues and provided solutions.


Assisted with the economic development planning for Nelson County.

Sherwin Williams

Analyzed process variables and mitigated losses.

RR Donnelley

Researched losses with statistical process analysis, trained operators to mitigate losses, found the sources of loss issues and reduced production costs.


Evaluated statistical process control variables.


Trained first and second level supervisors.

City of Bardstown

Reviewed and improved space issues for City Hall and utilities offices.